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Share the download link of Ghost Win7 updated in August 2020, there are many versions lớn choose from No Soft to Full Soft, miễn phí download here.Bạn sẽ xem: Ghost win 7

Although it was killed in early 2020, but Windows 7 is still a good choice for the average configuration machine, currently most applications still support Windows 7 so everyone is assured to use it.

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In this article, will share download links as well as quick instructions for you ghost Win 7 .

What is Ghost Win 7?


Many people still think that "ghost win" is "installing the operating system", in fact ghost Win is the "bug / extract" kích hoạt of a ghost file that has been created before.

How khổng lồ create a ghost file is also very simple, when installing Windows -> just installed should operate very smoothly. We use backup software "compress" the operating system partition into a file kích cỡ of 3GB -> 6GB (may be heavier & lighter).

Until the operating system malfunctions or problems, we just delete the old Windows -> "bug" this compressed tệp tin into it will have Windows lượt thích new!

With normal ghost files when backing up data / OS of any machine, it can only be used for that device.

The ghost stage takes place quickly, preinstalling the necessary software applications for Windows -> no longer have to "manually install the operating system" anymore.

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Features when using Ghost Win 7


Advantages of ghost Win 7:

Easy to lớn use, with just a few simple steps, you have a new Windows now!The installation process is quick.Many options khổng lồ suit your needs, from 32bit Windows, 64bit Windows to Full Soft-No Soft versions with many different configurations .Compatible with most weak to strong configurations .For Full Soft_ Full Driver already has the software, so you vị not have to lớn struggle to install many software .

+ Disadvantages:

Low security, not safe for business environment, agencies, companies.Easy to modify, personalize, interfere with the systemEasily attached lớn viruses, trojans . Steals user information

Therefore, when choosing khổng lồ use a ghost from an individual or an organization, you must use a reputable and quality version, avoiding long-term potential risks.

Configure the device lớn use the Ghost Win 7 version


General configuration lớn install Win 7:

CPU - chip 1GHz or higherCapacity Ram 1Gb or more, preferably 2-4GbHard drive with 20Gb or more, it is recommended lớn leave 40Gb empty

How khổng lồ Ghost Win 7 32bit và 64bit


You should kiểm tra your configuration to lớn choose the standard ghost first:

Hard drive is in MBR or GPT standard-> MBR is compatible with old ghost files * .GHO-> GPT - UEFI is compatible with ghosts with the True Image file * .TIBRAM capacity above 4GB -> select the 64bit ghost Win 7If no driver has been installed -> Select ghost Full Soft_Full Driver.

There are many different ways Ghost Win 7, & I would like to chia sẻ two common ways as follows:

Ghost Win7 with Onekey Ghost => Standard Legacy - MBRGhost Win7 with Acronis True Image => UEFI - GPT standard

Also you can use Hiren Boot disk, USB Boot lớn Ghost the machine is also highly effective.

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Link to tải về Ghost Win 7

Here is the link to tải về Ghost Win 7, please select the appropriate version.