I always thought the main difference between versions "a" và "b" of MATLAB was "b" being 6 months "better" than version "a" and, of course, this means that naturally the version "b" is going khổng lồ be a more up-to-date version, with more features as well - being the main intent khổng lồ have new releases every semester. However, just the other day a friend of mine claimed something I wasn"t able lớn double-check elsewhere:"Usually the "a" versions are more stable (...) being "b" more of a pre-release of version "a" of the next year , having features that have past beta but still can be improved" (and supposedly will be improved and perfected at "a"). But isn"t this the story with just any release? Don"t you always implement new things & improve things of the past as necessary?" "b" will usually have more features than "a", however the version "b" is going to lớn be something around 90% khổng lồ 100% reliable, while "a" will always be 100% reliable". Have someone ever come across these reliability concerns once?Is someone capable of confirming this? I have always seen it as if the real beta release/period takes place just months before the actual release of "a" & "b", when r-star.vn releases its actual beta version to lớn get feedback. Am I missing something?

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Someone from r-star.vn will have to lớn provide the definitive response. In the interim, see if perusing the Release Notes (link) for several releases reveals a pattern.


I think your friend is just making up stuff...there"s no evidence khổng lồ that effect at all; & certainly "a" releases have bugs just as vì chưng "b" releases. My observation is that TMW releases features into the wild with whichever update is next based on some internal & nondisclosed decision-making process as to lớn whether the particular feature is/is not "ready for prime time". Some pretty major features have been introduced piecemeal (thinking of datetime as particular example) with it taking several releases for many of the corollary functions to become "datetime aware" và some of the specialty graphs still weren"t as of R2018b while the base class came out clear back in R2014b.Bạn sẽ xem: Matlab là gìPersonally, I"d prefer TMW not worry about the 6-month cycle but release features when they really are "ripe" rather than somewhat piecemeal, but they"ve got the competitive pressures to khuyễn mãi giảm giá with.

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